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Default Re: TAMA Speed Cobra

I have a single SC and I'm very pleased with it. The feeling is very light yet defined and the hinges and all the moving parts feels very well engineered. The footboard is long and smooth which makes it easy to slide with your foot.

I found the "default" setting way to flat for my liking. But there are adjustments possibilities for everyone (I guess). In my setting the cobra coils is of no use.

I also changed beater to one with "more reach", it protrudes a tad longer, which i found suites me better.

I agree that the fastening clamp is a weak point. The front part of the clamp touches the skin before the stop on the base which should stop at the hoop. As a result it slides to the right when im playing. I'll look into this later on and see if I can modify it to fit. I'm interested to hear if anyone have similar problems.

Even though I've not had the opportinity to try every kick pedal out here I'm very pleased with my SC. It had a good price too.

Good luck.

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