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Default Re: TAMA Speed Cobra

I got the double pedal a few months ago and they are amazing. My pedal before was a pearl Eliminator and I found it to be too light (footboard-wise) and wouldn't rebound very well. Also it couldn't give me any attack or power (although this might've been the tuning at the time). The footboard on the speedcobras are like a perfect cross between the ICs and the Eliminators in terms of weight. Plus it's a longboard so you can get a more accurate sweet spot or do heel-toe. It's increadibly changeable. The beater can be moved to pointy or flat, the beater and foatboard shift independently (which always irritated me with the pearls), the cobra coil can be made stronger or lighter and the spring tension is held up very nicely. I don't know what they use on it but it holds the springs better than anything I know. The pointed beater gives it more attack and the chain is in a Catepult-like design with the footboard gives it more power (but watch out because I broke through an EMAD bass head with this pedal). My only problem is the clamp to the bass drum hoop. I've never liked their locking system, it's really irritating to me and my pedal always slides slightly to the left after a good session. And this is causing my bass drum hoop to get chewed up which no drummer likes. Basiclly, this is the only pedal that gives me the power and the weight that I need for hard rock (Alice In Chains, Red Hot Chili Peppers) and the speed I want for some metal (Bullet For My Valentine, Suicide Silence, Otep).
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