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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

I met Gary Wednesday night and got my Steambent snare back and I have to tell you the drum sounds great. I normally like my snare side head tight and my batter heads very close to tight also. I sat down and played the drum at the music store and it sounded ok but I told Gary that the room there was huge with a very high ceiling, and I would wait until I got it back home to my drum room to determine it's true sound. Well I have to tell you I was surprised. It sounds the same now as it did before removing the tube lugs and putting on the Wac'd lugs. I could then turn one lug only and de-tune the drum to a lower, fatter sound and again it was fine. The tone at each lug was the same or very very close when tapped abut an inch away with a stick. At this point I am completely satisfied. I will make one more test, and that is to add a die cast hoop to the batter, and see if it sounds OK at that point. I will post my further findings on this post.
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