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Originally Posted by bdjay9 View Post
I just want to find out what drums Erik Tribbett uses. I can only find him on the Sabian site.
I used to work as Erik's tech back in the Jill Scott days.

Back then, his kit was a Premier Signia Maple with 8" and 10" rack toms, 13" and 14" floor toms and a 16x20 kick. All of the toms had Remo clear Powerstroke 4 on the tops of the toms and clear ambassadors on the bottom. Bass drum was an Aquarian Super Kick. Various snare drums, most of the time it was a 6 1/2 x 12 DW edge snare. Sometimes we'd use Clear Emperors on the toms tuned low with a few small pieces of black gaffers tape to kill the over-ring, since the Premiers were very resonant drums. Occasionally he'd throw up a 6x10 snare on the left side. This was the kit used on the Jill Scott live album.

After Premier left the US market, Erik switched over to Mapex high end maple kits in the same sizes, mainly because our Artist relations guy left Premier to work for Mapex.

As of 2008, he was endorsing d-drum. Don't know if he still is with them or not.

A couple of different kits were used throughout the years, everything from DW to Yamaha maples, but these were either rental kits, studio kits or loaners.

Hope this info helps....

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