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Default Re: sudden animal death

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Well, they did have one TV show ... the X Files .... did a fine job with topics, like "sudden animal deaths" .... the sudden appearance of red letters on your computer .... etc.
So I'm entitled to have an opinion, I'm just not allowed to post on this thread. Who, exactly, are you, that you get to tell me where and what thread to post on?

I'll agree with you there, but you said that, not me, in your opening post.
no, it's just basic unexplained phenomenon.
look, i dont really want to start arguing with you, im by far better than a forum maniac who pisses on other person (which in this case im not, im just a simple, yet humble, senior member)

to answer your question, do you know who i am? i am this thread's author, and if this question is not at the level of your intelligence (which is probably the highest ever recorded) go to another thread, and search for other stuff which will be of your interest.

and yes, you said it, it is an UNEXPLAINED PHENOMENON; thats why, i wanted to read what, unlike your self, normal and people who dont argue about foolish stuff had to say, and give their opinion
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