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Default Re: sudden animal death

Originally Posted by harryconway View Post
Did I say this thread should be shut down? No
Did I flame anyone with my comment? No
So what's the deal? Freedom of speech!
You get to have an opinion ... and I don't! Are those the new rules of engagement?
neither did i say that, thats why, as said below, go to another thread! oohh, and before you can forsee nothing good coming out of this thread, you should see the part in which this, thread, is posted: OFF TOPIC LOUNGE

and yes, there have been many motives to cover this sudden animals death:
1. the motives given for the sudden fish death was that the waters had some kind of viral virus, because all the fish that died belonged to the same species
2. and for the birds, it is said that fireworks caused damage to their system (which for me is the most reliable theory)

however, its amazing how this not only happened in one place, but inter continentally

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