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Originally Posted by chadlius View Post
PLEASE DO ME A FAVOUR. we all have our favourite drummers, but never again mention ringo" talentless " star in the same breath as john bohnam and neil peart. the man was, and still is, a useless, clueless comedy drum clown. my dog's got more rhythem, groove n feel when he's shagging his bed

I don't agree with that, and I'm sure Bonham & Peart would agree that you are just wrong as well.

If you just "don't like what he's done" that's one thing, but the rest is ignorance and bashing hiding behind a computer.

Like it or not, Ringo changed a lot of things, just like Krupa did, like Buddy did, Bonham, Peart, Weckl, Grohl etc.....
The Beatles STILL sell millions of units per year, 40 years after they broke up, and it's not because it sucked.

Grammar, spelling, and punctuation also help you in being taken seriously. Have a fun life.

Regarding Fox's comments, I get what he's saying on his points.

I'm of the sort that doesn't care HOW Bonham technically did something, but WHY he did things.
Once you get the techiniques shown to you, or you figure them out, it's up to the individual to get them down, and consistent, so they can be played at any speed someone wants to do them.

His feel is what's different than anyone elses, but you can argue that ANYONE is different for everyone else.

For ME, it's the feel of what he's played. He did a lot of it "first" too, and he WAS and still is, considered "great" by people. IMO rightly so.

ALL the players back then held him in high regard because he was a monster player. What he did still resonates 30 years after he died, so that's saying something. Keith Moon too.

Carmine did a lot of that stuff before Bonham, and he's the source of at least some of his stuff.
People somehow seem to get pissed when that gets mentioned sometimes. Facts are facts though.
Before YouTube got really going, hardly any of us even knew what his voice sounded like. I didn't.
I really wish there was more interviews and "drum stuff" with Bonham so we knew what he was thinking.

As far as "fast", personally, I couldn't give 2shits. There's people playing now that are faster than Buddy Rich (who was freakin' fast when he wanted), and they play just as well. But, Buddy was a musician and did what drove his band. and made everything sound great too. The "audience" just went "WOW!" over the fast stuff.
But back then, who could do any of that fast stuff? There were a couple, but not as famous.
They weren't on the Carson show...and the Muppets :-).

Some people don't want to hear about drummers being as good as Buddy either, but it's been a long time since he came on the scene and was "better than everyone else".

That's not taking anything away from what Buddy did at all. He WAS "a master" of the instrument. People still love his stuff today (just like Ringo's!). That's what really counts. It makes people happy and moves them in some way.

Phillips, Smith, Mangini....There's tons of guy's that blow people away now, and that's just the evolution of the instrument.
And, IMO it's not a competition, and there's no "this is the end, that's all there is, it's doesn't get better" with drumming anyway.
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