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Default Re: Phil Maturano here!

Hey Phil, just a quick question for you if possible about the online evaluations. Is there a certain limit to to video sent to you or amount of styles? I have not registered, these questions may be answered at a later stage I don't know! Thanks man.

Oh and, a long shot, but would you EVER come to Ireland? A few good drummers have been here recently, Steve Gadd comes a bit, and Benny Greb just came to Xmusic inn Dublin. We have a shortage of that kind of stuff, be in clinics or just world class gigs in genres such as jazz and latin. Anyway, hope all is well, love your stuff!


PS: I see that you were in "scotch and milk"! I love adam goldberg an have been looking for films with him, and you're in it? I'm definatly going to get it!
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