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Default Re: You're views on Dave Grohl? Technique

I know I like Dave a lot. Was a Nirvana fan from when they first broke (internationally that is, I wasn't lucky enough to see them in full flight at a local Seattle bar).....and he totally blew me away when I saw Them Crooked Vultures.

As for technique, well for me it's a means to an end. There are many drummers I like who have excellent technique, there are many again, who's technique at times seems a little suspect by technical standards, but what they are actually able to express on the kit does it for me.

The only drummer whos "technique" concerns me, is me. For everyone else, I hold "expression" in higher regard. So that said, I really enjoy Dave's playing.....regardless of whether his Moeller action or his matched grip is "correct" or not. :-)
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