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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
This is true, but it comes down to a matter of comfort. I *can* play w/ the 9000...all the same notes that I can w/ the 5000, it just doesn't feel as good. It's so smooth that it feels less responsive and powerful under-foot. This really surprised and disappointed me. I suppose I expected all that the 5000 offered, and then some.

I feel like I should keep dinking with it to see if I can grow comfortable with it, it's a better quality pedal with more options (should they ever be needed.) I dunno. I might hang onto it.
I think you should just get it over with and sell it, 'cause you're just going to put yourself through more misery--and you can get your money back out of it now if you don't wait and play on it more. Fancy "features" mean nothing if it feels like crap under your foot.

I felt the same way when I played it. It was supposed to be.... and it fell totally flat with me.

Back when they changed the 5000's foot board and heel, they didn't feel as good as the previous model for me either. That sucked big time because I really wanted a second 5000 strap pedal.

It worked out that I got speed, a smooth feel, and power from the IC Flexi, and the Eliminator (Red cam).
I stuck with the Eliminator because it just felt better under my foot, and the feel going each way was "the same" for me.
The IC Flexi with the change to the Cobra Coil is really nice now too (I got mine years ago), but being as I have 3 Eliminators...I'm not buying another pedal anytime soon :-)

Good luck!
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