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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by larryace View Post
Gary...As I've said before, I've thought about an equivalent design to what you've got, but the fact that you can't individually tighten the heads to different tensions....that's why I stopped thinking about this design. I tune my toms so that the reso head is a full octave above the batter head. From what I am seeing, this can't be accomplished with your lugs. That fact would prevent me from buying this system. I am just being honest, calling it how I see it. I know you've really put in the blood sweat and tears, and I apologize for highlighting issues, but if I don't someone else will. I have a feeling that a great proportion of prospective buyers may want the different tension capability, I know I would. That's my biggest stumbling point. How would you respond to these concerns?
Curious of this too Larry, I spent some time looking at other similar designs. I found most just don't take this into consideration, and those that do, (imo), somewhat defeat the purpose by having a pre-tensiond snare side before the shell is even added to the equation. For what the video is worth that Gary posted, they sound like I'd at least be open to the concept of checking it out.

Originally Posted by gwaco View Post
Jer - I love you ! you just created another brainstorming session ! I now have another prototype to come up with , alittle different than your pic , but it ignited the idea !
Maybe i'll call it the JER-e-RIG !
Ha! Glad to inspire. While trying to work out a way to retract the legs on my first idea, I thought of this too, allowing for more traditional spurs to be used:

Also, notched kick drum hoops (for the claws to sit in) to ensure equal distance from each other?

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