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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Gary...As I've said before, I've thought about an equivalent design to what you've got, but the fact that you can't individually tighten the heads to different tensions....that's why I stopped thinking about this design. I tune my toms so that the reso head is a full octave above the batter head. From what I am seeing, this can't be accomplished with your lugs. That fact would prevent me from buying this system. I am just being honest, calling it how I see it. I know you've really put in the blood sweat and tears, and I apologize for highlighting issues, but if I don't someone else will. I have a feeling that a great proportion of prospective buyers may want the different tension capability, I know I would. That's my biggest stumbling point. How would you respond to these concerns?

Also, in the case of snares, the thinner reso head would stretch more than the batter head, resulting in a higher tension on the reso compared to the batter (if my logic is correct). Is this the case? Same issue w/ 2 ply batters and single ply resos I would guess.

Can you explain to me something that will disspell any doubts?
Again I apologize for the challenges.
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