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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

Originally Posted by ZRDrummer6 View Post
Ok, I play with a pretty damn decent PDP pedal, but i'm ready to upgrade to something that will increase my speed. I play Metal, and I want my kick speed to be fast, as in, Joey Jordison, Chris Adler, and Jason Bitner. I have $600 to spend on pedals. I haven't ever played on the Axis Pedals, so if someone could tell me where they rank with the DW's, I would really appreciate it. I play with a link pedal by the way. I played 2 different pairs of DW 9000 and they seemed very "loose" and "sloppy" because, the reaction time, as in how long it takes the pedal to bounce back up to be stomped down again, seemed really slow. I played on 1 pair of 5000's and they seemed great, nice sturdy, solid pedals with great reaction time. I don't know much about cam adjustments and all that, but I like my pedals to be sturdy enough where have to put a little bit of strength into my foot, but light enough so I can go fast. I appreciate anyone that cares to help me out.
well its really more of: the one that is worth more is the one that is worth more having, thing
i own both of them, dw 9002 kicks ass, it has unlimited adjustability options. go for it, give it a try, you wont regret it (also, buy the tama beaters, i find them to work better than the dee dubs)
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