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Originally Posted by lenco12 View Post
Was just watching Intense Metal Drumming again, felt like bumping the thread 'cause George kicks ass.

I've discovered one big problem I'm having with single foot blast practice: at certain speeds my power just collapses. I don't "tap", more like the opposite. The beater has a lot of motion, but it doesn't hit the drum head very hard at all. It's really messing me up.
Here's a small tip.

Play any double bass pattern, find the tempo that messes you up and stay there to solve this. Play the same pattern by taking your left foot out, so if you were playing 16ths you will be asked to play 8th notes, single foot only.
This is how we train our LEAD side on how to LEAD.
If you solve this then the left will follow with no problems.

Also, make sure there is a lot of spacing in between. It's more effective if you switch from a back beat to double bass patterns than just stay on the db pattern for long periods. Getting IN and OUT is more important than keeping the pattern for 10 minutes for example...
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