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Not that I like to name names (Joey Jordison), but I've seen some metal drummers that trigger literally every drum and cymbal surface on their kit. It definitely is sad, and to be honest I'm not really a huge fan of the sound of triggers in general. But if you're playing 250bpm there's just no way to avoid it, I suppose.

To me, my problem with triggers and whatever else has nothing to do with whether or not it's "cheating", just the sound it makes. I've heard drummers on albums that weren't that fast where the whole kit's been run through filters and processors and it really sounds like sh!t.

Also, and forgive me if I'm mistaken here George, but I've heard that some drummers use triggers SPECIFICALLY to remove dynamics. For example, that gravity blasting can be a problem because the upstroke won't have the same power as the down, so the snare is triggered so it sounds the same both ways. I can't do a gravity blast to save my life, but that's just one example I've heard.
There is no cheating with triggers, in fact i find it harder to play with triggers like i do without them. The sound is super clean and there is no chances for mistakes...

In metal we don;t use dynamics on kicks, that's right. We use a flat sample to keep the intensity up there and lead the band. Triggers are more important for the rest of the band than the drummer...they need to hear a clean bass drum to lock with the drummer.

I like with or without triggers, i mostly play with them but like i said many times for metal triggers are a necessity.

I don't like triggering the snare or anything else, i think it takes away all the feel from drummer.It all depends on the drummer of course, if your band needs triggers then ok. As for gravity blasts i am not a fan at all, single had roll is great but in a blastbeat doesn't do it for me...
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