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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by Red Menace View Post
Gwaco, sorry if you've already answered this but I've looked this over a couple times and can't find exactly how you tune the reso head...
Luis, hope you don't mind if I use your question to back up Gary's design principal, & Gary, please feel free to shoot this apart if I'm on the wrong track.

The very idea of a free floating design is to maximise both the sustain from the shell, & it's contribution to the overall sound. When tuning any drum for maximum sustain, you tune the batter & reso heads to exactly the same pitch. This allows both heads to resonate in sympathy with each other, & produces a clear fundamental that is picked up by the shell.

On Gary's design, the batter & reso heads are always tuned the same. If you're the kind of player who'd get benefit from a free floating drum, that's how you'd tune anyhow. Even if you didn't want maximum sustain from your drums (e.g. you use a muffled head type) the principal still has the benefit of greatly enhancing the shell's contribution to the sound. The shell is free to resonate, without being muted by the attachment of hardware. Think of it as a logical extension to the rims principal. If you have an old school drum, with the tom bracket attached to the shell, try this simple test. Hit the drum whilst it's mounted on it's tom holder, then do the same when off it's tom holder & held in your hand by the hoop. You should notice a difference. Now imagine that difference, but multiplied several times over, when you remove all the hardware from the shell. Another home test if you're not convinced, take your heads, hoops, & screws off the drum. Hold the shell between your thumb & finger near the edge, & tap the outside of the shell with your other hand. Now repeat that test with all the lugs off the shell, & hear that shell sing.

Hope this helps a bit, Andy.

P.S. Gary, good move on the extra thread depth for the kick lugs. With low head tensions, that will certainly help with tuning retention.
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