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Default Re: DW 9000 vs. DW 5000

So, I'll revive what looks like a dead thread, since I just did the 5000 vs 9000 test myself, this weekend.

It just goes to show that even when you try gear in the store, you don't really know what you're in for until you get it home and spend time getting to know it.

Originally Posted by nae_baba View Post
Why does nobody ever mention that the DW9000 pedal footplates clank into the cam if you, say, swap from the left kick pedal to the hihat? It's really annoying, and if it was on an acoustic kit in the studio it would be unacceptable.

It's a beautiful smooth pedal as long as you keep your feet on it, but that one glitch made me sell it...
This is the first thing I noticed. The cam is so huge on this pedal, the toe of the footboard smacks right up against it if you get the pedal going full-swing. This seems like really poor design to me. Even after sliding the chain all the way up the cam, I still had this problem. This doesn't happen on the 5000.

Originally Posted by d.c.drummer View Post
I really like boh but i found the 9000, yes, TOO SMOOTH for me. I needed more resistance.
This is what kills it for me. This pedal is so buttery-smooth, you almost can't feel it under your foot. It feels like it lacks all of the power and thrust that the 5000 has. I spent about 6 hrs. dinking w/ it this weekend and just can't bring myself to like it better than the 5000 AD3.

Also, and this is just a total nit-picking thing - when clamping the 9000 to your BD hoop evenly (without tipping the pedal left or right), your beater ends up way out in right field, on the head.

Unfortunately, I'm returning it for a refund. The 9000 gets a big "thumbs down" for me!
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