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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Guys before i go any further let me just say that i am deeply humbled by all your support and i mean that from the bottom of my heart ! You people are the greatest !

Andy - You have to know i have the greatest of respect for you and your input is wholly apprecited. You are dead on with the video ! I'll admit that it was a rush job, more like spur of the moment ! Whats worse is that we had an identical tom (different wrap though) racked up next to it and i didn't even exploit the fact! Hell you can even see it in the video!
That being said, there is no doubt that we need to have a more supportive video done before i sell the very first one. Luckily Jennifers teacher also has a small video production company , so i expect to have something top notch !
Also yes they will be standard 12/24 pitch threads as i do not want the user to have to buy new tension rods to be able to use the lugs. I have already addressed the depth with the machine shop and they are going to extend the depth to 1 1/2" from the current 1" .
I am really looking forward to your concept and kit as i have looked at the Guru webpage and they look like FANTASTIC drums ! I actually came up with another idea simply looking at the site !

Jer - I love you ! you just created another brainstorming session ! I now have another prototype to come up with , alittle different than your pic , but it ignited the idea !
Maybe i'll call it the JER-e-RIG !

Matt- Thank you for your support and theres no doubt i will keep working on the " Bass Station " .

Red Menace- Thank you also ! Believe it or not that acrylic drum in the picture is a tom that is a whole different project i have going on ! Don't even get me started on that !

Larry - I'm a little ahead of you on this, but let me throw it out there for you guys. Since i have not been able to find any U.S. manufactuers of hoops , I have been pondering over having my own hoops made for my kits but should there be a demand then it would only make sense to sell them outright.
This will be exactly what you want Larry , a single flange hoop with a shoulder to hide the edge of the drumhead. I guess the best way to explain it is to think of a diecast hoop with out the gussets for the rods. Does that make sense ? I had this idea shortly after i came up with the lugs. I don't know how do able it is but i'm sure gonna find out !
And yes you are correct in that both heads are tightend at the same time as the lugs are not secured to the shell.

Heck by now you guys have a pretty good idea as to what the Wac'd kits are goona look like !

Again thanks for all your support !

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