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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Why didn't you just put a clear surgical tube full of compressed CO2 under each hoop and control the tuning with a valve that you squeeze between your teeth?

I'm looking forward to seeing a fuller video demonstration.
I'm still not 100% sure how your tension system works.
I'm an Automotive Tech and I still am not sure of all of the little things from the drawings and pics that you posted.
Haha ! I remember that ! A strange idea it was. I wonder if he ever sold any? But with that said , one of the scarest things with this lug was actually posting it here and wondering if i would suffer the same fate ! When i came up with this it made perfect sense, but the reality of it is that if the people that would use it in their craft don't think so then its a mute point.
Thankfully the response has been great! Back a couple of months ago while Jennifer and i were at a drum clinic i was approached by someone that i had no idea who he was, but it turned out that he is the c.e.o. of a known drum company . He had seen the prototype kit (the red one ) and really thought it was a great idea. At some point in the up coming year we are supposed to sit down and have some discussions. So that only fueled fire more !
Bob, If you have ever seen Sleishman drums they operate with the same principal. The biggest differance is that with my lugs you don't need to have all of the extra weight since i have eliminated the need for any type of retaining ring , and the need for bottom tension rods. When you tighten down on the top head you are also tightening the bottom head at the same time. In theory you then have equally tuned heads.
Notice i said in theory because most people end up using different thickness on the resonance versuses the batter side, this is especially true when it comes to the snare. But believe it or not , it still works regardless of differance. Having matching heads would be the perfect senario but we found that its still becomes a totally different drum when compared to the standard lug system.
I hope that helps Bob but if not let me know !
Something else i feel i should bring up that may or maynot matter is that these are being made out of t-6061 aluminum which makes them very strong but yet light. For fun i weighed a standard Ludwig bowtie snare lug and it came in at 2.15 oz while my lug (with spring, washers and clips) weighs a mere .60 oz .
If you are worried about the threads stripping out because they are aluminum don't worry !
We haven't stripped out any and we pretty much have abused the things! Also since they are not attached to the shell they basically self align.

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