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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

First up, Gary, huge congratulations on bringing your superb idea to market. I know, only too well, the trials & costs of taking even the most simple of things from conception to reality. Huge kudos for that Gary, & for what it's worth, you have my full support in your venture.

2nd up, Grunt, you'll be sharing that royalty check, lol. Gary has let me in on this development last year. He was obviously wanting to tap into my huge depth of ignorance on the subject!

Now down to business. Gary, as you know, I've done a ton of experimenting myself. I'm going a different, personal route. You're starting a business on the back of a great idea. Two totally different approaches. Your product (because that's what it now is) is right on the money IMO. It's scaleable, & has superb mass market appeal & application. From an engineering standpoint, it couldn't be better. Ultra simple, & simple always wins out.

I like the kick drum station idea, but the sonic benefits would only really come to the fore with thin shells, & were the player wanted to extract maximum sustain/shell involvement. That limits the number of potential users to some degree, as many players muffle their kick drums to some degree, & place projection over shell involvement. It's a great idea, & one that would appeal to me on my thinner shelled kick, but don't find yourself with a great product that solves a problem that doesn't exist. The free floating principal on toms is a no brainer for me, & to a slightly lesser extent, snares, but the kick is a different story. I'd council proceed with caution & put maximum energy into the FF tom/snare program. From a business pov, think in terms of cashflow & resource aportion.

Gary, a quick technical question; are you using the standard tension screw thread pitch? If so, I can see a potential minor issue with the kick drum application if not picked up early. Kick drums tend to be tensioned less than toms. That means there will be less thread retention on a standard pitch. Make sure there's a good amount of thread depth in the lug, & the tension screw runs deep into the lug. This will help prevent detuning issues.

Overall, I think this is a stunning piece of work, & couldn't be happening to a nicer guy than you. You deserve every bit of success coming your way, & I hope the drumming community get behind your system. It's a winner!!!!!!

p.s. Don't think that Youtube clip does your great product any favours. The snare sounds good, but there doesn't seem to be any increase in sustain on the toms, above & beyond what you'd expect from a standard lug tom. In fact, I'd go as far as to say they sound a touch dull. Keep that clip untitled. Later on, a before & after style comparison would go down well. Recorded with high quality gear, take two identical shells (I'd suggest go thin, maybe a build standard such as Keller), with the same bearing edges, & record one with standard lugs, the other with your system. Let players hear the difference in a straight back to back comparison, & you'll win customers.

TTFN, Andy.
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