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Default Re: Update on Wac'd Drums

G.D thanks for covering my back ! I was out really late (for me anways) watching Artimus Pyle play on the kit from the video. Besides his band , he also had his son with him and they set up a second kit and he played along with dad. It was a very cool site to see!
But back to business , GD the checks in the mail ! haha . but the rods should be here by tuesday so i will contact you as soon as they arrive.
I'm real excited about using GD's shell as when we start with making kits i am leaning more toward using solid, steambent or stave shells and using keller (which we know are great shells also) should there be a demand for a lower costing kit.
To answer your question JER , Grunter is correct in that the actual pressure is minimal.
In both Jennifers snare (the natural leapard wood one in the pics) and the red sparkle kit (which is a finish not a wrap) there has not been any type of indents put into the wood, and we've done some real hard cranking on them to make sure they can take it.
I will say that is was a concern in the beginning and we even dipped the ends of the stop in plastic dip because i was worried about that same thing but after feeling how much actual torque is applied it no longer became a concern.
Also as G.D. pointed out once you get your tension set just rotate it back slightly if you don't want it resting on the shell, doing this will not change your tuning. the only time it will change is when the stop makes contact in either direction.
I would also like to state that the stops in the pictures are the same ones used on the bass drum. When i originally had the first stops made i had them made to be able to handle duty on all the drums as i did'nt want to pay additonal set up charges for something i wasn't sure would even work. But now that its been proven to work the snare and tom stop will be alittle smaller.
It was a total surprise to us that no matter how hard we tightened down on the lugs you could still easily rotate the stop back and forth with your finger.
I hope this answers your question but if not let me know!
I would also like to run this idea by you guys and it pertains to the bass drum.
I also had this great brain storm ,that to make our kits alittle different and also to keep with the minimal or no hole shells, i came up with the idea of using a bass drum plate (or cradle if you will ) and eliminate spurs altogether.
I know there are already some cradles out there but so far the ones i have looked at appear to be really heavy and made to fit every application under the sun . I'm thinking more on the lines of a specific plate for each size bass drum in a kit . I've pretty much drafted it out and these are some of the ideas.
1. light weight - aluminum
2. small but stable foot print
3. the contact points with the shell will be rubberized ( i want no transfer of sound )
4. an additional add on for double pedal users so they have a secure mount for the slave pedal.
5. make it so the front of the bass drum can be elevated
So instead of bringing your bass drum it to a gig ,tipping it on its end messing around with the spurs , you literaly put the plate on the ground , attach your pedal to it and just set your bass drum on top . no muss no fuss.
Would something like the sound appealing?

Oh. and while i thinking about it the lugs will come in either a brushed natural finish or one of the 15 colors of powder coat i have so far with more colors to come.
We also have a nice little nylon plug for those that would be retrofitting their kit . It won't vibrate out , can be dyed any color , and requires no additional work to install just push them in and your done.

BOB , me to! Looks like early spring right now but i am hoping sooner ! There is so much more to be done beyond the actual making of the part it just blows my mind some days.
It has been such a daunting task so far. I'm surprised i still have a wife!


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