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Originally Posted by wy yung View Post
We are all different of course and that was simply my interpretation. I do like the poster that came with the DVD. I really regret buying the DVD though. Of course I don't need it after so many years working on technique.

Different people have different needs. I have my own ideas for the practice of rudiments and I pass those onto my students. They can pick others up as they go along as well. Its all one big basket. :-)
I agree with you that for a very experienced player like yourself the DVD may not be of much use. I have 3 beginner students and am I happy to see how Igoe's routine gives some foundation - like the alphabet. You know, these days you see drumming enthusiasts plundge into all sorts of complicated technical stuff, while not having knowledge of the basics, of the alphabet. But as you say - it is all a big basket. It's really great to be able to put in it as much as possible. Regards!
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