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Originally Posted by niacin View Post
Hi (1st off - Happy New Year to all! Health and inspiration). I appreciate diversity of opinion and thanks for sharing your view. To me Igoe's new DVD has its merit in bringing structure to the hand exercises, unlike JoJo's and Joe's where the focus is on mechanics and they definitely are brilliant DVDs, but Igoe gives you smth that works - it certainly is not the only way to combine rudiments or interpret them - but do we have the time to spend on millions of combination and go through every Stick Control exercise or similar hefty books? A roadmap that gives you not all - but quite a bit of the rudiments - is smth valuable I think. And to play the Lifetime warm-up at 190 is a challenge. Cheers!
We are all different of course and that was simply my interpretation. I do like the poster that came with the DVD. I really regret buying the DVD though. Of course I don't need it after so many years working on technique.

Different people have different needs. I have my own ideas for the practice of rudiments and I pass those onto my students. They can pick others up as they go along as well. Its all one big basket. :-)
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