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Default Update on Wac'd Drums

As a follow up to my previous thread
i am now able to show you what has been brewing now that the patent work is done.
Let me say at this point if anyone has ideas and they seek to patent the idea , please use a patent lawyer to do it . Yeah it cost a pretty penny but after going over the 26 pages associated with it , it was worth the cost. Make sure the one you pick has a good and long understanding of the process. I was lucky enough to get one that still is the patent attorney for Rawling Sports and Evenflow (baby products),
I have also surrounded myself with three partners that share the same enthusiasm as me.
There is a 50/50 partner that has come forth and has made a big investment both monetary and business sense wise (which is something i surely am lacking) .
Also on board as minor partners are two drummers that have helped me develop this tuning system with alot of r&d work. They have been instrumental in keeping me on track with the development of this and some of the other things i have up my sleeve!
We are still in the process of getting all the partnership agreements and the business plan together. I had hoped to have it done already , but due to the holidays and there not being much sense in working on one months worth of taxes, it was collectively agreed upon to wait until the start of 2011. Also each one of us works a regular job so time is of a premium.
So enough blabbering, and so as not to break any board rules i won't be disclosing any prices or anything that may come off as commercial.
As you look at the pictures you'll see that i have come up with a lug system that i think works beautifully easy and flexible.
This all came about because as many of you know i have been building a few one off snares and a couple of kits for Jennifer. One of the things i really hated doing was drilling holes into the shells after putting on a beautiful wood veneer. I hated how the lugs and hardware blocked the full view of a beautiful shell finish. So after many months of sleepless nights, and many more coming up with the prototype i was able to not only accomplish the first objective but accomplish the following.
1. a "free floating" system akin to mymi and sleishman but with out all the related extra hardware involved to make their systems work ( and they both work great ) .
2. allow the user to dictate its usage. by that i mean there are many ways that the user can use these lugs , your not limited to what a manufactuer deems as whats is the correct number of lugs
To further explain , think what you could do with a single flange hoop ! you could have your drum tune with as little or as many lugs you want. Wonder what a 12" tom would sound like with 4 lugs or 10 lugs ? Or how about you have this great steambent snare that uses 10 lugs and wonder how different it would as an eight lug snare ! Now with a simple change of hoops you can experiment.
3. as a drum builder how much time and possible heart ache would you save by not having to drill the shells for lugs , let alone keeping that shell solid .

We have so many things planed with just this one simple design but it will just take time to get things out. So far i have 2 machine shop ready to make the parts but there is an 8 week lead in time for one of them. I refuse to have them made overseas while i have local guys that can use the business. I also like the idea of being less than 10 minutes from each of them so should anything arise or on the fly changes need to be made i can hop in the car and not on a plane.

Many of the pictures and the short video contain what was the original design that had the problem of the bottom tension rods backing out under extended heavy playing, that was corrected by eliminating the bottom rod all together.
The new design incorporates a spring on the bottom that keeps the lug from dropping down in the event that a rod does start to detune. The user will know not only by the change in tone ( which is another story all together and just totally goes against the normal school of thought!) but the rod head will elevate up. Since applying these to the drums in the video he has not even had a problem with detuning , and he hits hard !
Also you will notice that we will have floating plates for the snare strainer & butt . These will be seperate from the lugs.

Toward the end of 2011 i am hoping to start offering drum kits made by yours truely but need some input from you guys and gals as to what you would like to see on / off or otherwise from a kit.

If you have any questions please ask !

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