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Default Re: Never impulse buy

Just a couple of weeks ago, I had my eyes opened about store pricing. I went to my local Sam Ash with a bit of cash, and a Paiste Signature to trade in, for which I wanted to get a Paiste 2002 22" ride in return. I got into a long discussion with the manager about how little they were willing to give me for my mint condition Signature, and the bottom line amount I wanted to spend. As I was leaving he said that classic line: "What can I do to make this deal today?"

Long story short, it turned out that even though he was limited as to what he can pay out for used gear, he had a ton on leeway on the sale price of the 2002. I gave him a price I'd seen on the internet, and he beat it.

In the past I've gone into Sam Ash and GC and just given them the asking price. From now on, I'm gonna bargain!
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