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Default Re: Robert Sweet

That's cool you got to hang with him for a while.

We only did the one show.

It turned out pretty fun, after we got everything sorted out, and being as the place was packed to the gills before we even played, I was glad I didn't have to try and get my kit out of there!

But, even though he was a good guy, playing Jeff's kit was kind of a drag (even though it was a nice Pearl Masters).
He had his hats SO high, just playing them was an aerobic work out!
And being as they were all clamped to his rack, I couldn't move them.
Oh well, it was 45 minutes, our set went great, and the crowd dug us.

Michael Sweets son's band did a short set on the same kit I used.
It might have been one of the first go 'rounds they did because that was the big mess up on the show--the venue had no idea Styper was bringing any support.

Robert's kit was the set up with all the floor toms like his promo pics (there were 4) and the back one was a 20" with clear maple hoops.

Seems like the toms were 12" rack, 14-16-18 and 20" ft's. The bass drum was a 24 I think, and it was maybe a 24x24. It looked deeper than my bass drum which is 20" deep(x26).

Yeah, he had a lot of cymbals up there. They all sounded pretty darn good except for 1 of the crashes. Even my guitar player was going "eww" when he hit it haha!

No idea on RS's "state of mind", but his playing was fine and they rocked.
I guess maybe he used to do more stick tricks or something, but times have changed and guy's don't do as much of that anymore.
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