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Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
He had a dDrum kit in Black and Gold glitter when my band opened for them last year.
They were pretty nice guy's. The kit was cool. I think he was using Dream cymbals too.

The drummer in the band that went on after us is in Trans Siberian Orchestra and I had to use his kit because there wasn't room on the stage for my kit after his giant rack went up. He was nice too (we hung out for quite a while after we were both done) and fortunately we all just worked together to get the job done because of a booking mix up.
The club booked us, Stryper brought a band as support but didn't inform the club.
Stryper still wanted us to play, so we all just got it done.
Wow - your band opened for Stryper? How many nights did you play with them? There were two opening bands for them the night we saw them, and one was headed up by Michael Sweet's son. Both bands were pretty good. That night I got to chat with Robert Sweet for quite a while, talking about his drums, cymbals, etc. I have a pic at home of his kit from that night, so hopefully I'll remember to post it later. It was only a 6-piece kit, but he must have had close to 10 cymbals.
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