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Default Re: Joey Lee Plays at a Show! COMMENTS?

Keep it up!
Yeah, having no set up time is a drag.
One way to fix that is to always carry a rug with your stand & drum positions marked to every performance. Even if they say they provide one.

Also some of those tube/hose clamps (they use a screwdriver to tighten, cost maybe a buck each for that size) on the bottom tube will keep your leg spread the same every time.
Doing that save so much time--you'll be the first one ready to go.

I remember seeing your kit in the TB kit thread, and seeing this from above- I know it's different at home, but if you put your snare closer to the bass drum hoop, you'll be able to play the bass drum more effectively and have better control of what your foot is doing.
You might also want to think about putting your small tom to the left of the hats. The hats being in a comfortable position is way more important than having two toms.
Having them as low as you do, it just shoves the hats too far away.

I know looks are important to what you want to project, but ya gotta be comfortable while you're playing.
Sure the kick might look a little longer with the toms that far back, but believe me, no one is gonna notice a shorter looking bass drum if you put your toms in a better playing position.

Keep it up, and good luck to ya!
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