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Originally Posted by K!lly
Done ;) ... so read my mail before upload the video.... because.. you'll see.
Warning for forum: Don't mess with Killy's feet. They're surprisingly fast! Not sure it's quite up to 240 but it's certainly clear of 210 while under control inside a subdivision. There's a speedup where either the sound quality degrades too far to hear the notes properly or some of the note slip out of time with the hands but... That's fast. I'd guess he's alright under control up to about 220 from this video, and he tells me this is from about nine months ago.

Killy - can you stop and start that rhythmically, or is it just a continuous thing? If you can learn to stop and start it ala some of the Fear Factory stuff then you're absolutely onto a winner with your feet.

Also... can you go that fast with your hands?

I'm quite impressed.
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