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Default Re: Jimmy Marinos

Jimmy's a great guy.
His M C Rockers band was cool too, and I was friends with Stevie the drummer in the band. I saw them quite a few times.
I've known Jimmy for quite a few years.

He's around, but I haven't heard of him doing any bands for a long time.

I re-created a Ludwig poster for him since he never got one of the original ones.
It's close to what I remember, but I'm pretty sure the original one was a B&W shot and the background was maybe blue or something like that.

I know Bob Alford the guy who took the pic in the first place-also a great guy.

I have another cool pic, but it's on a different computer.

This kit was 15x28, 13x15 and 18x20 (but he's using a 30 now....doing whatever it is he does). This kit was used for the M C Rockers, but it was plain Black and had White wood hoops. It looked cool too, but it's a shame he had the Zebra paint job sanded down.

Always dug his playing. Very solid and good groove. 2B OAK's butt ends too!
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