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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

Space is but 20 miles above our heads and it is a hostile place. Earth has always been riding a delicate wave just this side of destruction by the radioactivity and heat generated by the sun.

Funnily enough I recently bought about 60 TV specials about space and the universe. The biggest danger to our immediate existence, if these people are to be believed, is meteors crashing into Earth.

Following this is the damage being done to the rather precious 20 miles of safety and protection guarded by the ozone layer. Which according to the Climate change council, or whatever its called, is very real. (The report can be read online.)

But don't worry too much because Earth's destruction is assured. The sun, just like all suns will eventually go supernova and extend out past the Earth and swallow it up.

Basically, we're doomed.
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