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Originally Posted by zambizzi View Post
Everything I have read (and all of the data collected) seems to point to the earth actually *cooling*, since roughly 1998. Looking back in history, a trend emerges. Europe went through a warming phase in the middle-ages which fertilized vast amounts of new farmland, thus causing the population to grow and thrive. Prior to that, there had been a sort of mini "ice age", preventing migration onto the continent.

Honestly, this global warming religion is out of control. What environmental zealots prefer is a global socialist society, with a handful of people in charge. It's no conspiracy, it's the actions of western states that tell the story. All states and their fascist benefactors are clamoring at the opportunity to suck the lifeblood out of productive people, who are actually contributing to the welfare of society.

Climategate showed the world the ugly truth - that global warming "science" is nothing more than botched guesswork thrown together by gov't-sponsored scientists, intentionally skewed to favor the viewpoint of the state. The ends would be global climate regulation that would stifle and destroy both developed and developing economies. Anything for more power and control.
So it does seem that you are a true specialist, a scientist, a climatologist, one who has heard all about the subject and has examined all of data so far collected.
Well, maybe the data collected by the scientists of the Ice Core project has escaped your perception.
First off, NO ONE is saying that the cooling of the planet will make it hotter and boil our brains off (as it will and has done, in certains spots of the globe, btw), only that the consequences of such cooling may cause a lot of localized troubles, exactly as it is happening right now.
There was no such thing as "climegate" if you're indeed well aware about the complete development of the facts concerned, which name was yet another fabrication of the same kind of people you claim to be ushering us into being controled by fear.
You seem to know very well about the hidden objectives of such birds of prey, but then why is it so that all countries are now starting to develop a clear trend towards the use of cleaner energy sources, other than the oil/charcoal/CO2 based ones?
Perhaps you should start to ask yourself those kinds of questions before pointing the right finger in the wrong direction, that is, the powers that be have been using and abusing the use of expensive and dirty sources of energy when there always have been much cheaper and cleaner ones.
The way you seem to see it, the only way for any country to become developed is to adopt a model that has been proven itself as hazardous to the health of the planet and its inhabitants, such as you and myself.
I urge you to get your facts straight before keeping up with this trend of thought, and you can easily start to do so by reading Elizabeth Kolbert's book and the Ice Memory article.
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