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Default Re: Your views on Taylor Hawkins?

I'm not a big Foo Fighters fan, but I think Hawkins is a great rock drummer.

Some of his playing with the Foos seems a bit unrefined at times, but there are things he's done that really imprssed me.

Somewhere on Youtube, Geddy and Alex Lifeson come on stage with the Foo fighters, Grohl and the others walk off stage, leaving Hawkins with Geddy and Alex, and they play YYZ. Taylor is on his Foo fighters kit, not some monster set up, and he just nails it.

When VH-1 did their rock honors with The Who, the Foo Fighters did a set of music by the The Who, and Taylor is just great with the feel and power he put into those classic songs. At that point I saw why he is so respected.
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