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Default Your views on Taylor Hawkins?

Hey guys, I want to know what you guys think of Taylor Hawkins. His technique, what he plays etc.

I personally think he is really good, I've met him before, really cool guy! And I mean a guy who can sing and play a song like "Get Up I Want To Get Down" is incredible! I don't know much about his technique, but I do know he holds his sticks correctly and seems to use the moeller technique on his hi-hats. His bass technique also impresses me (aswell as Dave's, his really impresses me. Almost like Bonhams, which impresses me... ALOT!). I don't know if he lets the stick bounce from the snare, but I know he uses lots of ghosts notes and accents aswell as cool rudiments for fills (taking this all from one video

What do you guys think? Cheers!
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