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Default Re: Stewart Copeland

By far one of the greatest drummers of all time. Take a listen to "Driven to Tears". No way anyone can re-create his stuff on that song! During the 80's I touted him as the best while my friends loved Neil. Neil was great then but I found him to robotic for my taste. Stewart was a monster an articulate artist at the same time. Not until I heared Neil during the "test for echo" years that I ranked them both equal.

Now if just Stewart would get out of his little hole and put out a drumming DVD and show us all what he is all about, then I could kick him up a notch again!

He used the 602's and Rude in the old days. A clue to his high hat tricks has to do with the tension on the foot pedal at any particular time during the varied angles, locations, and intensities of hits on the hats. Certainly no disco!
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