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Default Re: Berklee is "Hogwarts"

Originally Posted by MikeM View Post
You make Disneyland sound like Azkaban!
Maybe just L.A. in general. But when you think about it, getting a gig with Disney is quite an education by itself, and these young people should be lucky they have a chance to at least audition for an entry-level gig here at all. Those two spots I mentioned aren't union gigs, but you at least get a feel for what it would be like if it was.

And Disneyland musicians, like the famed Tonight Show Orchestra (under Johnny Carson), basically have a job for life once they've established themselves. But I was chatting with one of our musicians here the other day, the general concensus is that if you're not strong enough to weather the storms and frustration of being a working musician in a town of thousands who'd step right in to take your place, you should probably go into something else!
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