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Default Re: Forgetting concerts

I can still remember some details about the Live Aid concert in Philadelphia in 1985. Like when Madonna took the stage and everyone shouted "take it off" (she had just done some centerfold spread, I believe).

That being said, I don't remember that much detail of concerts from yore, so I can understand if one loses themselves in the moment of enjoying a concert and doesn't concentrate on songs, bandmembers, etc. Speaking of enjoying performances, I remember seeing Huey Lewis and the News in the mid-80's, and being totally impressed by the lead guiarists playing some incredible riffs and solos, especially for a band that was known for pop music. And then I saw Britney Spears in concert about 7-8 years ago (don't hassle me about this, I was helping watch my niece and her friends, as the concert was her birthday party). What I remember about it was during one of Britney's costume changes, this young drummer ripped out an awesome 5-minute drum solo. The rest was forgettable. :)
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