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Default Re: Never impulse buy

They won't remember you, Those days are gone in retail for the most part.
The retail world simply doesn't work that way anymore.
Customers don't have loyalty anymore either.

I see it everyday in my work.
A customer will get a price from me to repair their car.
My price will be higher because I only use the best, let's say Brake Pads.
They take the car to another shop and they have cheap Brake Pads installed.
They then bring the car to me and they ask me if I can do anything because they are not happy with the brake job that the other shop did with the cheap parts.

I tell them that I can only do the brake job over again with the parts that I suggested.
They say never mind and they leave!

They have no loyalty to me and I have no loyalty to them.
I just go to the next flower like the bee that is looking for nectar.
I kind of like old drums:)

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