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Default Re: Never impulse buy

Well, I am ready to make a purchase on a new shell pack. My Catalina Jazz Gretsch needs an upgrade. I emailed and visited many shops. I got some good prices, and when I asked for some shops to match my price, many of them, but not all, came back and matched the price.

Here is the question; why should I go back to these shops that gave me a higher price at first? This tells me that in the future they will do the same thing and I really can't trust them to give me a good price right away in the future. They will not remember my name a few years from now. When I visit the shop they will not remember that I gave them a lot of business. If they do remember, they will remember that I nickeled and dimed them. I gave the shops a chance to come clean and to give me the best price right away, but should I go back to them after I found out how much more they were trying to make from of me?
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