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Default Re: Early Super Bowl picks?

Originally Posted by Mapex----Maniac View Post
Just curious who do you think will win the league MVP?
Tom Brady or Mike Vick, or someone else you think will win(even though it is either brady or vick)

My vote would go to Brady but I think that Vick will win
Brady and it's not even close.

Brady has 34 TDs with only 4 INTs. Vick has 20 TDs with 5 INTs.

Pats have scored 480 total points this season. The Eagles have scored 412.

Brady has dominated nearly every team they've played, including a total beat down of the highly regarded Jets and Steelers.

Vick needed a Desean Jackson punt return to beat the Giants.

Vick makes a good case to be the #2 MVP, but Brady wins it.
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