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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
I don't think it's possible with 6 billion people (and rising fast), all aspiring to have a house, car, a range of electronic goods, nice clothes etc. Something's got to give. I do feel that, ethically, living well includes being mindful of what we consume and the non-human lives / habitats that have been lost so we can have our goodies.

This whole thing feels like being in a massive ocean liner with a turning circle of 10kms and watching it heading towards an iceberg that's 2 kms away ... most of us seem to take a similar fatalistic view as the band that played on while the Titanic sank. Might as well go down swinging ...
Pockets will have to be hurt and tables are to be turned, since we're not the band aboard the giant cruiser who could do nothing to stop the end of the disaster!
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