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Default Re: Early Super Bowl picks?

Originally Posted by braincramp View Post
We beat the fal CONS earlier in the season real bad like 44 to 17 with out Vick Kevin Kobb was QB.... if not my Eagles....Falcons no Saints maybe Bears I really doubt it
31 to 17 actually. Bad, perhaps, but not as bad you think.

Eagles were at home for that game. If the they meet in the playoffs, the game will be in Atlanta, has they have the better record.

Atlanta is undefeated at home this season.

Philly is scoring more points, and overall, has the better offense. Falcon actually have the better defense, and have given up far fewer points all season long. Atlanta also leads the Eagles in net points.

Of course, anything is possible.

But I don't think too many punters will be kicking to Desean Jackson in the playoffs.
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