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Default Re: Early Super Bowl picks?

Originally Posted by braincramp View Post
This is an off topic....Super bowl picks with final score..Being from Philly and after the great comeback yesterday I have to go with..
EAGLES over patriots 38 -24 sweet revenge for the one they stole from us in '04 via spygate!
Hoping for the Steelers to win it all in Jerryworld! This way, all of the Steeler haters in Dallas will be glad to see the great travelling fans for the black and gold show up and spend money in their ridiculously overrated town (they think that it's LA unitl they get to LA and realize what a cowtown Dallas is). There is no more hated team by Dallas fans than the 6 time Super Bowl champs and I would love to see it happen that the Steelers win the first ever Super Bowl in the town which hates them the most!

Not that I'm bitter.....much!

Maybe....we could have the Eagles there too! LOL!

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