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Default Re: Weather cast upon...

Originally Posted by specgrade View Post
It's pretty arrogant of us to think that WE are killing the planet. She'll die one way or another. Just a fact. Glad I won't be around to see it :-)
Well, we've caused mass extinctions, put a whopping great hole in the ozone layer (which means it's dangerous to spend a lot of time in the sun in Oz), entirely dominated most land masses, fished out areas of the sea, and we have enough nukes to turn the planet into a wasteland for thousands of years. Even then the planet would remain alive ... I expect there'd still be lots microbes and lower order creatures. The outlook would be a tad less rosy from our end.

Originally Posted by GRUNTERSDAD View Post
Is this the same Al Gore who invented the internet. Please. This clown is making millions from a panicky public.
GD, all Al did was turn hard science into popular science to raise public awareness. The vast majority of scientists who work in related areas and who aren't aligned to political think tanks believe there's a major problem. Like I said, I'll listen to them on the subject before I listen to anyone else, especially politicos.
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