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Originally Posted by 2112theaterdreamingfreak
I havent been exposed to a lot of drum solos. Peart's solo is the only one I have seen live. I really would like to see some other drummers like Chambers, Gadd, etc..ya know? That would be cool. This site exposed me to a lot. I had never heard of dennis chambers but i just saw one of his vids today on here and im like, whoa. He is awsome. I need to broden(ick) my horizons.
I saw Dennis Chambers play in London with Mike Stern a few years back. He did a solo which had the audience literally screaming in disbelief. Not entirely my cup of tea (either Mike Stern or Dennis' approach to soloing) but he's a mean drummer.

If you want to see choppy stuff, go have a look at the video of Morgen Agren here on Drummerworld and then try to track down the whole Trum video with Fredrik Thordendal playing rhythm guitar. It's something to see.

Other than that, I'd recommend checking out the solo on the start of "Agitation" by Miles Davis on "E.S.P". Even after all this time it still sounds fresh and the tone of the drums and cymbals is amazing. I've got a few other solos I like, but that's an all-time great.

EDIT: Oops, forgot to mention that last one was Tony Williams. Go get it!
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