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Default Re: PRAY FOR ME BRO's

Originally Posted by soham2rescue View Post
guys.... am another passionate drummer like you all guys.. made of flesh.. blood... n lots of devotion.

just the difference between me and all you guys...

i have a kit.. but no place to practice.

3 months ago.. my neighbors launched 1st police complaint against me.

then 2nd.

now the 3rd one..

my parents are very very disgraced due to this... as they say..

i can do nothing just look at my babe.( Tama swingstars ) with tears in my eyes.

she calls me.. to play with her... have some good time... a little bit of romance...

but my hands are under a huge stone of.. so called.. noise pollutions.

i have been trying a hell lots of ways of sound control and damping.. (within my limits and capacities) i never ever played my drums open. except the 1st day. when i brought my love home..

don't know what to do...

searching for a suitable room on rent since last 6 months... 17 estate agents contacted.. no positive results yet.

all i hope from you bro's is.. just pray for me.. not to let another drummer die out of such circumstances

enjoy your drumming. god give your kits long life
Bro, I just prayed for you! I had the same issue last year, and my family moved thank God! The first day I got my kit (Christmas), the neighbors called the police as I was tuning! They were the biggest A**Holes! Just seriously go over to your neighbors house and have a long talk with them and try to set up times when you can play your beautiful set! Talk to them!!!!!!!
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