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Default Re: Let's see your POV/ Driver's seat pics

Originally Posted by Rick H. View Post
What is that second floor tom like an 18 inch kick or something?
no my friend, heres the story:
About 3 years ago i found a set of keller shells on ebay for like 300 bucks. the sizes were a 12x8 rack, 14x14 floor, and a 16x14 kick. they were finished edged and drilled with single point lugs. thinking about it i decided it would be a good idea to buy these becouse i wanted keller "custom" drums for some time and i could use them as a set of toms with the 16x14 being a second floor tom. i was extremely lucky when i found a few days later on ebay, a 20x20 conaway keller kick drum with the same single point lugs as the toms i had just purchased, so i bought that for 250, got 5 different colors of sparkle wrap, (silver sparkle not shown) and got those round hayman lugs you see, re drilled, wraped it in a jelly bean sparkle (i absolutely loved the vintage ludwig and fibes acrylic jelly bean kits so i incorporated that whole vintage look into a modern sounding kit) and i had my own "custom" kit that I essentially built. for cheap to!. sorry to get a bit off topic there but basically it started as a kick but now lives as a floor tom. i just havent gotten the time or the effort to swap out the wood hoops for triple flange
Thanks for reading!
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