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Default Re: PRAY FOR ME BRO's

This thread is reminding me of things so please forgive me for posting too often here.

I was living in an apartment, I had a set of remo practice pads to play drums on, but I could not play my alto saxophone.

I would from time to time, take my sax in the car and park in a nearby corn fields and just play. True story, one time while I was playing, I heard someone yell at me "FREEZE!"

I looked over my left shoulder, and there was a cop pointing his gun at me. In about a second, the cop realized he made a mistake and I did not have a gun.

The cop then asked me not to report him to his department. It was then that I figured out how dangerous playing the saxophone could be to my health.

To this day, I can not figure out what really happened that day. I do not know of any guns that have a brass finish and make moose call sounds.
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