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Default Re: PRAY FOR ME BRO's

As long as you are not sharing walls, ceilings or floors with your neighbors, it is relatively easy and cheap to create an isolated room. I am not saying it will look like an interior decorating magazine; I am talking about improvisation where function and price is more important than form.

At one time I was living in a trailer park. The cops came and I knew I had to do something. I found a store that sold used mattresses relatively cheap and I put them over the windows and walls. It was hot in there, but I was able to play along with some band members who used some loud amplification. If you do not know, a trailer has very thin walls where the sound can travel right through them.

If you are sharing walls, ceilings or floors with your neighbors, you have to isolate the vibration of the shared building members and not let the sound vibrate onto the building members. You can build a platform and make sure you are supporting the platform on rubber isolators so that the sound does not travel through to the floor. You can use old tires for the rubber isolation dampeners.

Basically, you are building a box within the room and not letting anything vibrate the floor, or walls. If you have neighbors above you, then you have to isolate above as well.
The mattresses I used worked, but there are other large foam, sound absorbing materials that will work.

Good luck.
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