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Default Re: The best of Craigslist

Originally Posted by classicstar View Post
I don't see him often. I don't really like him anyway lol
But the tom angles are similar to the Starion kit from the tampa bay ads.

One of his cymbals is a crappy TKO that sounds like a china because of all the dents along the side, one of the bass drum spurs is missing, the heads are a year and a half old and still has the stock resos (the kit itself is about 4 years old) and the bass pedal spring is stretched beyond belief. I had to gig with it once and not only did I want to just put this thing to rest, but I knew I was being judged on the condition it was in. One thing is for sure, it had one of the best kick drum sounds I have EVER heard. That was pretty much all it had going for it.
I bet he argues with you on whether its set up correctly or not!
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